KO Comps 2018 - Mens Pairs

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Round 1, on or before 3rd June 2018
1Taylor JimNewton Hall 13v22Tindale SHoughton DL
2Brown BPelton FellvHutchinson JPelton Fell
3Summers ANevilles CrossvHunt MWitton Gilbert
4Leathers TSherburn VillagevCarr ASherburn Village
5Hudson INevilles CrossvJackson DAddison Park
6Sills RPelton FellvArmstrong D Houghton DL
7Lewis MSherburn VillagevMorland SSouth Park
8Carroll JNevilles Cross8v23Attwood BSpennymoor
Round 2, on or before 1st July 2018
9Clarke SHundensvPrentice IHundens
10Gething CBowburnvDougherty TAddison Park
11Minnis KKing George VvHeath PSpennymoor
12Parkin KWitton GilbertvWinner of 5
13Winner of 4vWinner of 3
14Attwood BSpennymoorvWinner of 6
15Winner of 2 vTindale SHoughton DL
16Winner of 7vSparks NGlenholme
Qtr Final, on or before 29th July 2018
17Winner of 11vWinner of 13
18Winner of 15vWinner of 16
19Winner of 10 vWinner of 12
20Winner of 14vWinner of 9
Semi-Final, on or before 26th August 2018 at a neutral green
21Winner of 18v Winner of 19
22Winner of 20vWinner of 17
Final Day, 1st September 2018 at Pelton Fell
23Winner of 22 vWinner of 21