Results & Tables Div 1: 18th Aug 2018

Division OnePWDLShotsPtsHome Club Away Club 
Spennymoor1714121434135Houghton DL8Spennymoor2
Houghton DL1712051396108Bowburn6Hundens4
Pelton Fell171106136598Nevilles Cross3Mainsforth7
Hundens17908117994Peterlee4Sherburn Village6
Bowburn171007128691Pelton Fell8Newton Hall2
Nevilles Cross17908124186 
Sherburn Village176110116970
Newton Hall173113107551

Results & Tables Div 2: 18th Aug 2018

Division TwoPWDLShotsPtsHome Club Away Club 
King George V179081343101Addison Park8Glenholme2
Wolsingham171016122999Witton Gilbert2King George V8
Wingate17908127191Wingate10Langley Park0
Addison Park171007129290Spennymoor Town0South Park10
Witton Gilbert17908123285
Spennymoor Town17809125482
South Park175111115976
Langley Park175012109659

The Results and Tables for 11th August 2018 will be updated on 18th August 2018 after visit to National Finals at Leamington Spa.